Why are stratas so busy?

While the media is hammering down on everyone that the bubble is bursting and nothing is selling, I’m going to tell you first hand, things are still selling. I’ve never been busier with condo sales in Greater Vancouver area the past few years, than I am now. There is definitely a surge of buyers and interest in this market. And not just Vancouver. In the past few weeks, we had multiple offers on a great 2 bedroom condo in Brentwood Gate, clients successfully bought a spacious townhouse in the Montecito area of North Vancouver and we moved another happy client into a condo in New West. Just this past weekend, we had multiple offers on The Works at 1863 Stainsbury Avenue, The Mercer at 3456 Commercial Street and at Dharma Digs, 1549 Kitchener Street.

223-4833 BRENTWOOD DRIVE                  125-1863 STAINSBURY AVENUE


512-3456 COMMERCIAL STREET              207-1549 KITCHENER STREET


Why are stratas so busy? It’s not just the new regulations that may be forcing people to make a faster move. Rental rates are so high that it’s a great time to be an investor in the condo market or time to quit renting and put the equity into your own pocket.

Thinking about making a move? We certainly can help you with that.

Tina Pang

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