Why We Are a Team

Why are 2 Experienced Real Estate Professionals Better than 1?

Working For You

As top producing Realtors, we can’t possibly be everywhere at once. In order to keep up with our growing business and never sacrifice customer service, we have opted for a team structure to properly care for our clientele.

Imagine a doctor who performs surgeries for several different patients at one time all over town, all by himself. Sounds like someone could get the wrong kidney. Now imagine buying or selling a home and all the intricacies that go into the process and all the ways in which you want to be guided and protected. A top agent who needs to run around the city cannot possibly give you the special attention you need. That is why we truly believe in our ability to provide excellent service.

Each of our 4 highly trained team members brings their own focus and specialized knowledge to the table. 2 agents working in the field means a well-rounded overall market knowledge base to pull from. Each of us will come at a problem with our own solutions and this collaboration is what results in happy customers and smooth sailing. The average Realtor spends approximately 80% of his/her time on administration, paper work and follow-up on details and only 20% on selling your home. Having a team to help with the back door details, means we can focus more of our time on you and your needs.


There are a million tasks to be attended to when buying or selling your home. Our team with decades of experience has the systems and plans in place to mobilize our real estate army and to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. We get things done fast, plain and simple.

Customer Service Excellence

Your questions and concerns will be answered almost immediately. If one member is in a meeting, another can take the call. Someone will always be there to care for you. Every member of the team makes the responsibility to tending to you, the client paramount. When working with us you will have the benefit of constant updates and communication. Even when the home is sold, we will continue to keep you abreast of community changes and market shifts if you so want it.

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