Customer Service Excellence – A Photographer Who Gets It

Appreciating Attitudes

As people who specialize in customer service, we notice when one of our service providers blows us away with their own quest for excellence. Enter Jarusha of Jarusha Brown Photography. She recently took our latest team photos – which turned out to be the warm, engaging shots we had hoped for. But nearly more impressive than her talented eye, was her ability to make us feel light and comfortable on a day that was emotionally charged for us. I can’t tell you how necessary her friendly, accommodating attitude was to getting our shots right.

Getting these new photos was the first step out for our brand in reflecting the loss of our beloved leader David. We couldn’t think about making changes for a long time, and when we did – we were all reminded of our last photo shoot as a team with Dave. That was our first shoot with Jarusha a couple years ago in the super cool IRON WORKS building – and a day when we were on fire with jokes and laughter together. Magic was in the air and David’s personality was shining as if on display. So this new photo day was a day for us to celebrate our future as an unbreakable team, but also a day of some painful reverie.

Jarusha was sensitive in knowing this, and she took care of us like an old friend might. She hugged us and allowed us to openly chat about our loss and grieve if we had to. She managed to keep us focused to get the shots we wanted in dwindling sunlight, while her warmth and sincerity allowed us to feel comfortable and have a little fun on a tough day.

Her process was seamless, which is important to us as busy professionals. We had a good initial chat about our vision, and then she came to meet with us and scope out the site ahead of time. She came with her lovely stylist and together they have great energy. She took our direction perfectly, and added insight to improve on our ideas. The photos were turned around quickly with sharp edits; her admin and invoicing was on point. She did a fantastic job through and through!

I know she has been working on her craft a long time – I know she is educated, seasoned, motivated and talented. But more than her professionalism, she is a lovely human being, and that’s important when someone is meant to catch you at your best.


Great shots Jarusha!





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