Experts Say Buying in Vancouver Is a Better Idea than Buying in Toronto

Recently a couple of articles pertaining to the real estate industry have stated that investing in real estate in Vancouver is more profitable than investing in other big cities like Toronto. Though the prices of houses for sale in Vancouver may be higher than those in other big cities, experts still believe Vancouver has better prospects for growth compared to Toronto.

A Green City to Live In

It is no secret that property prices are comparatively higher in Vancouver but there are a few reasons why this city is a top choice for living as well as investing. Experts will say that it’s all about ample green spaces, life near the ocean, rising property prices, etc. that facilitate the investment in Vancouver properties. The mild weather of Vancouver also plays a significant role in attracting potential investors and buyers to the Vancouver real estate market.

The Numbers Game

At the onset, the property prices may seem higher compared to certain parts of Toronto but experts say that Vancouver is a better option for first-time buyers. Plus, the number of resale condos is double in Vancouver compared to Toronto. There are also tax benefits for investing in Vancouver. While Toronto levies two kinds of tax, Vancouver has just one, translating into higher savings for buyers. Also, selling is much easier in Vancouver due to the constantly rising demand.

The stunning views, landscaped areas and ocean side properties make it far easier to sell properties in Vancouver. Many buyers are looking for a East Vancouver home due to its vibrant neighbourhood and affordable vibe. These homes are not just easier on your eyes, but they are also easier on your pocketbook!

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