Experts Say Buying in Vancouver Is a Better Idea than Buying in Toronto

May 08, 2016

Recently a couple of articles pertaining to the real estate industry have stated that investing in real estate in Vancouver is more profitable than investing in other big cities like Toronto. Though the prices of houses for sale in Vancouver may be higher than those in other big cities, experts still believe Vancouver has better […]

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Moving to Vancouver – Healthy Living for Your Family

May 01, 2016

Since the 90s, a number of residents have been moving to Vancouver from Eastern Canada, Asia, United States and Europe. This migration has made real estate in East Vancouver much more attractive. One of the major reasons people are moving to Vancouver in droves is the healthy lifestyle. All about a healthy lifestyle The city […]

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Why the Real Estate Market is Heating Up in East Vancouver

Apr 26, 2016

Vancouver has always had some of the best weather and scenery in Canada, so it attracts a wide variety of inhabitants. It’s seen a pretty hot real estate market over the last few years with so much demand and a landlocked supply. Recently, East Vancouver real estate is witnessing a substantial rise in home sales […]

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Vancouver’s house prices driving buyers to half duplexes

Mar 12, 2016

“When Eileen Holt stepped into Vancouver’s dizzying housing market, she never imagined she would come out with a half duplex. A business-development manager for an engineering consulting firm and a recent empty nester, Ms. Holt had spent two decades in a large suburban home and was looking for a detached house with a suite that […]

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