Pet Restrictions in your Strata Building

I have a client that has about a half a million dollars to spend on a home but we are growing increasingly frustrated in finding one. It’s not because there isn’t anything out there in her price range, it’s because she is an avid dog lover and has two precious fur babies. Further to having two dogs, one is a sweet, gentle part pitt bull. The strata property act governs the use of a strata unit with standard bylaws. Individual stratas can then vote (unanimously) prior to the 2nd AGM and with a 3/4 vote after the 2nd AGM to change the bylaws.

Standard Property Act Pet Bylaws

Pet Bylaws

Strata corporations can restrict owners, tenants and other occupants from keeping pets or certain kinds of pets through the bylaws of the strata corporation. The bylaws might do any of the following:

ban pets

limit the number of pets that can be kept

provide restrictions on keeping pets, such as leashing them in common areas

limit the kind of pets that can be kept, such as no dogs, or no dogs over 20 kilograms

require pets to be registered with the strata council

Pet bylaws banning or limiting the number or type of pets cannot apply to certified guide or service dogs.

The Standard Bylaws and Pet Restrictions

Many strata corporations use the Standard Bylaws issued by the provincial government. Standard Bylaw 3(4) provides that an owner, tenant or occupant must not keep any pets on a strata lot other than one or more of the following:

a reasonable number of fish or other small aquarium animals

a reasonable number of small caged mammals

up to two caged birds

one dog or one cat

The Standard Bylaws also require owners, tenants, occupants and visitors to ensure that all animals are leashed or otherwise secured when on the common property or on land that is a common asset.

Strata corporations can amend or repeal Standard Bylaw Section 3(4) at any time by passing their own bylaw that deals with pets and filing the bylaw in the Land Title Office. Fines can be levied against the strata owner for failing to comply with the bylaws

When considering a condo, townhouse or 1/2 duplex, be sure you are aware of the pet restrictions and your pet tendencies. If you have a poochie that barks at every little thing all day long, you may want to know just how strict the strata is. Or consider a property that doesn’t have restrictions.

So, we keep searching. Fur babies and all.

Tina Pang
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