The Pandemic at Home – trends and ideas to keep you happy.

As I sit inside isolating while one of our family members has tested positive, it made me think about the ways in which life has changed inside the home due to the pandemic.

Without listing off the negative ways this pandemic has changed us, I thought I’d share some positive ways I’ve dealt with the pandemic and some ideas for enjoying your own space.


One thing is for sure, the Vancouver Real Estate market was taken by storm in 2021. Inventory was low, rates were low, the demand for more space was that much more important, and prices increased (and continue to increase).

The work-from-home adjustment has been made by many. Whether it was converting the den into your office or sharing the kitchen table with your partner, there was and is no shortage of the shift this pandemic has created in our lives.
I’ve never cooked so much in my life and I am obsessed with it. I love planning what my next meal will be and sharing it with my loved ones. Whether it’s throwing together a random fridge mix or planning some meals from a new cookbook, I’ve really enjoyed cooking in any capacity. I was gifted this cookbook recently and I’m really enjoying the easiness and variety Molly Baz (the author/chef) has come up with.

Some ideas, projects, and items that I think could spruce up your home life include:

  • Plants – whether it’s starting from scratch and starting with seeds or buying something already in the pot, both are great as they give you something to take care of, add warmth to your space and they’re good for the environment. It’s also a good time to start gardening. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, it’s a good way to help offset some of the costs of groceries.
    • On another plant-related note, we got one of these Click & Grow indoor smart gardens for the holidays and it’s been fun watching our herbs grow from the seeds. Plus it will cut down the costs of always buying those herbs from the grocery store.
  • Lighting – I’m a creature who enjoys the sun and bright (but soft) lighting. I find it increases my mood. I came across this article that lists some lighting products that help boost your mood. Although I have yet to try one of these types, I do notice the lighting around me lifts me up more than when I’m in a dark space.
  • Organization is key – and you’ll notice how much happier you are spending large amounts of time at home if your cupboards and closets are tidy and organized. Ikea and Homesense have great options for bins and organizing items and even your local dollar store likely has some options too.
  • Your at home “bar” – whether you’ve got space for an actual bar or not, one thing is for sure, we’ve all taken our dining and drinking indoors a lot more. Even if you’re not a drinker, having a variety of mixers and fruit on hand to make mocktails is a fun way to “entertain” at home. I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest these days, depending on my mood.
  • Renovations – the demand for renovating has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Spending more time at home means starring at that wall you’ve been meaning to paint or those floors you’ve been wanting to change. I absolutely love helping others come up with ideas for renovating their spaces. If you ever have any questions, I would love to give my two cents!


  • Adding exercise spaces – with the influx of gyms opening and closing, it’s hard to stay in a healthy routine when you’re committed to a specific gym or studio. I like to support my local studios, such as Lagree West, by taking classes through their sites and their instructors through portals such as Youtube. Having a yoga mat, some light weights, and bands is sufficient for me.
  • The importance of outdoor space. Whether it’s a patio at your condo, a shared rooftop space, or a nearby park, we’re all a bit more aware of enjoying the outdoors. I know in Vancouver when the sun was shining and the weather was warmer, the parks were flooded with people getting together (when it was appropriate and with precautions). Here’s an article from Conde Nast listing some of Vancouver’s best parks.
  • Games! While I’ve always been into games, I’ve found myself more into them during the pandemic than ever before. If you’re looking for a fun solo game, the Oculus VR set is fun and gives you a lot of options. Or if you’re into getting the whole family together, we’re loving SuperTock and Cards Against Humanity family edition these days!

What are some ways you’ve adapted to the pandemic while spending more time at home? Any favorite recipes or new traditions? Any organizing hacks?  I’d love to hear the ways in which you’ve made this crazy time a positive time in your home.


Stay safe friends!


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