Vancouver in the ’70s

Let’s go back forty some years ago on a mini photo tour of Vancouver. I know they say focus on the present. But these images of Vancouver in the ’70s are too precious not to share.

1. West 15th & Arbutus, 1978

15th & Arbutus (1978)

A lot of you (like myself) may remember five-pin bowling at the Varsity-Ridge. As a kid, our teachers would take us on field trips to the bowling alley and then have Chinese upstairs. Other times, we would pop by into McDonald’s for a hamburger after school. Good old times. Life before Loblaws and new condos in Kitsilano.

2. Playland, 1964


Did you know Playland at the PNE opened its doors for the first time in 1910? It is also the oldest amusement park in Canada, FYI. Home to cotton candies, the infamous “Wooden Roller Coaster”, “Hellavator” and the “Pirate”. Purchase passes online to save!

3. Granville Stret, 1970s

Granville Street, 1970s

Oh sweet mountains, you really do live up to your name ‘Beautiful British Columbia’

4. Main Street, 1978

Main Street looking North (1978) - -Vancouver by Pop Snap

5. Manitoba & West 13th, 1978

Manitoba & West 13th (1978)

6. Vancouver Trolley Bus, 1976

Vancouver trolley bus 1976

6-Fraser and 15-Cambie were one of the first routes when Vancouver’s first trolley began operating in summer of 1948!

7. Another One of Granville Street or “Theater Row”

Granville street, we used to call it Theater Row for a reason!

8. Expo 86

Vancouver World's Fair; Expo 86--I loved the whimsical grounds of this Expo

9. 4th & Vine, 1978


10. Vancouver Special, 1977


There is a love-hate relationship with Van Specials. Some see the greatness the home offers: spacious floor plans, two suites with mortgage help; whereas others can barely look past the stucco-large balcony exterior look. Which category do you fall in?

Photos from Pinterest

Now don’t we wish we could all go back in time? Have a wonderful Canada Day everyone!

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